PRIVATE TOUR : Sardarapat, Echmiadzin (Mother Cathedral, St. Gayane, St. Hripsime), Zvartnots




The memorial is located in the Armavir region, which is called Sardarapat up until 1932. It was built in 1968, on the 50 th  anniversary of the 1918 Sardarapat battle victory. The clash is considered the second most decisive one after the Avarayr battle, and was held against the regular Turkish army closer to the end of WW1.

Sardarapat Memorial is a symbol of pride and survival, the Sardarapat Memorial marks the place of Armenia’s successful last-ditch effort to save the nation from obliteration at the hands of the Turks.

In the words of British historian Christopher J. Walker, had the Armenians lost this battle,” it is perfectly possible that the word Armenia would have henceforth denoted only an antique geographical term”.

The memorial is also home to two museums; the Sardarapat Battle Museum, and the State Ethnography Museum, where you can observe Armenia’s cultural evolution.

Ejmiatsin is considered to be the spiritual center of all Armenians all over the world! The word itself means a place where “the only begotten son of the God descended”.  This daily tour will begin by visiting St. Hripsime church, which was built on the sepulcher of a Christian nun Hripsime who fled from the Roman Empire and was killed in Armenia. This amazing building has stood upright from the day of its construction since 618 A.D, making it one of the oldest standing churches in the world. 5 minutes drive away will be our next spot: the 7th century church of St. Gayane.  Gayane was the nanny of Hripsime, and shared Hripsime’s tragic fate.

On the way back to Yerevan, we will make a final stop at another beautiful 7th century temple, also included in the UNESCO heritage list. In fact, all of the churches included in the tour are listed on the UNESCO World’s Cultural Heritage Sites.


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