Walking Tour in Yerevan: Republic Square, Opera House, Cascade Complex


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Take an opportunity to participate in an exciting evening city walking tour and to discover the hidden story of the capital of Armenia!

The tour starts at the heart of Yerevan city, the Republic Square, where you can get in touch with the great history of Armenia through the magnificent architectural ensemble that surrounds the Republic Square. After refreshing with natural spring water coming up right from the ground you will then head to one of the oldest parts of the city.

Walking up by the Abovyan street which is considered to be the oldest and one of the most beautiful streets of the modern Yerevan, you will explore some of the few buildings left from the end of the19th century which represent the Russian Empire Style. Many of them were destroyed during the massive reconstructions of 2000s. Passing by the many little nice street cafes opened recently where the locals as well as the strangers like to relax in the cool evenings, we will reach Charles Aznavour square which is home to the Moscow cinema today, but once was the symbol of solidarity and friendship. Up until the 1930s the Armenian church of Paul and Peter, a Russian church and an Iranian mosque had been sharing this tiny square for centuries.

The Opera and Ballet Theater is another 10 minutes of walk from the Moscow cinema theatre. This is one of the absolute masterpieces of the world architecture that the city of Yerevan hosts and undoubtedly one of the landmarks of Armenia. The Freedom or Theatrical square in front is one of the most popular leisure places of local young people who come here to bike or skate. The Swan Lake near the Opera house which is tightly connected by its history to the Opera Theatre is another perfect spot to enjoy walking and meet a lot of local people. Often concerts are held here in the evenings.

Continuing your way through the French Square and the park of the Yerevan State Conservatory you will reach the Cascade or as we like to call it “The stairway to heaven”, one of the symbols of the Armenian capital. This is a key structure in Yerevan city architecture constructed in the 70’s, which has revived since the early 2000s, undergoing major restoration works. Today this is one of the beloved places of not only the locals but also the tourists with multiple cozy cafes, beer places and restaurants, representing one of the biggest collections of the world modern art in Yerevan. Concerts and traditional dance events are periodically held here to entertain the public.

However, after learning some of the history of Yerevan and climbing some 572 stairs up the Cascade you will unveil the extraordinary beauty of the city on the background of the majestic Mount Ararat. As a little hint, you are more than welcome to use the escalators inside the Cascade Art center enjoying more modern art pieces in the galleries. And don’t forget your cameras!



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